We can ship to almost any address in United States. Some products are subject to restrictions, and some cannot be shipped to destinations if you want to send them to address.

During the business week, many items ship within 48 hours. However, some manufacturers require additional time, and we are not liable for shipping delays caused by the manufacturers. Some items may take longer to ship during the winter/holiday season. Custom-made items may take more than the regular time required to ship from the order date though this timetable is merely an estimate. Truck freight is used to ship large items.

If you receive a damaged package or part, please email us photos of the damage as soon as possible at so that we can assist you in correcting the problem. When truck orders arrive, they must be inspected. Any damage must be documented on the bill of lading. If you discover damages after the shipment has been accepted, you must notify us within 48 hours to file a concealed damage claim. After this period, no claims can be made. Manufacturers and shipping companies follow this policy.

Please keep in mind that the shipping cost is deducted from your refund when you return an item eligible for free shipping. This is not our policy but rather the policy of our suppliers. The cost of shipping your order is determined by the weight of your items and your location. The cost of shipping will be displayed before the final checkout page.